2006_08_poophead.jpgWhen walking the streets of New York, Gothamist is always aware of where we're stepping as we never know when we're going to ruin our sneakers with a step into a nice batch of dog feces. One fellow New Yorker doesn't avoid the fecal matter like we do - she actually stops to photograph and write about it on her blog New York Shitty. We can unequivocally say that there's now a blog for everything. Not only does she take a picture of Mr. Poop Head (pictured here), but the author even makes handy pie charts showing where in Greenpoint the dog logs were found.

If that wasn't enough fecal fun for you, the Wooster Collective has some fun shots from the Sprinkle Brigade. Naturally, our favorite is Law and Order. Who wants to start the cat poop blog?