Watch out, Channing Tatum! New York's newest Jet maybe-quarterback Tim Tebow may not have looked as good as Mark Sanchez during the first day of training camp, but he made up for it yesterday when he jogged off the field during—while shirtless. Repeat: Tim Tebow was shirtless, jogging through the rain. As one woman swooned on Twitter, "This is better than Magic Mike." And, yes, there's slow-motion video:

According to ESPN (hello, MORE VIDEO), Tebow is weighing in at 251—nine pounds more than he was in Denver, because he'll be on the punt unit and running the wild cat. Can't wait for the movie!

Jets coach Rex Ryan commented on Tebow: ESPN's Jane McManus Tweeted, "Ryan nearly speechless asked about a shirtless Tim Tebow, 'You can't stop that.'" Ryan also told the press he would keep his shirt on, even though he lost 106 pounds, "I don’t want the fans not coming out." C'mon, people loved The Full Monty, right?