200801houseboat.jpgLooks like someone took that pirate trend a little too far. The NY Times is reporting on Brian Markey and Owen Cahillane, who are sailing the high seas in their floating abode. Okay, no sailing is involved, but the two roommates, recently transplanted from New Orleans and channeling the spirit of Davy Crockett, live day in and day out on a houseboat in the Bronx.

Their floating 250 square feet of space is on Westchester Creek, close to such charming neighborhood attractions as: the Hutchinson River Parkway, and the Cross Bronx Expressway. The duo found the boat (christened the Pee Jay) in a rental listing advertising it as being just "a seven-minute canoe ride to the Whitestone Multiplex."

They steal their tv signal from a vacant boat nearby and endure less than ideal sleeping conditions (one sleeps on a sofa while the other on a foam chair), but they get some serious street (and sea) cred for their novelty home. How much does all this cost? The rent is $800 and includes propane heat, which according to the tenants is quirky to say the least and often results in a half warm/half freezing body. Nothing a few twinkly, white Christmas lights won't solve!

When The Times visited they joined a group of other "New Yorkers in the larval stage." One of the seamen's guests sleeps on a couch in Borough Park, and another in a basement in Astoria (together this group is like hipster royalty). Suddenly that guy living at IKEA looks like a billionaire.

Photo via the NY Times.