phpu3QLDVPM.jpgThere's a new New Year's Eve ball in town, and it's bigger and brighter than the one of year's past (12 feet in diameter, 11,875 pounds, and containing 32,000 LED lights and 2,668 pieces of crystal). One Good Morning America viewer, where it was unveiled earlier today (video), tells us that while it can "do patterns (sun, water, rainbow, American flag)"'s "ugly" and lacking the charm that the old school ball had. However, the Waterford crystal sphere that will ring in 2009 will remain in Times Square year round! Crazy, right? Newsday reports that the ball will also be in place to "celebrate other holidays including Valentine's Day, the Fourth of July and Halloween." It's the seventh one in the 101-year history of the ball drop, and the several million dollar price tag is being taken care of "privately" (according the the ball's publicist!). Now, the big question is, when will we see the 9 riding the subway?