Artist, acteur, and my future husband Shia LaBeouf is currently marathoning his own films in reverse chronological order at the Angelika. He's helpfully live-streaming the whole experience, presumably so his therapist knows where he is at all times. But upon a recent tune-in, it appeared Shia had disappeared. WHERE WAS SHIA?

Shia was tagging the wall.

Shia was sleeping.

Shia was not particularly enthralled by Eagle Eye, a shame, considering it features some of Rosario Dawson's finest work, or by one of the Transformers films (they all run together, anyway). Hopefully Shia's a little more alert for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, a film that serves as just one more cautionary tale for what happens when you allow George Lucas to invent characters in the 21st Century.

Now, Shia is awake.

Shia is refueling.

You missed your chance to swab Shia's hands with a WetNap.

Up next: A movie starring Shia Labeouf.