Shia LaBeouf, the thinking man's Buñuel, has taken his quest for True Art on the road, brave move considering his enemies' thirst for violence. Indeed, it appears Shia & Friends are hitchhiking around Colorado, following in the footsteps of the John Waterses and Liz Taylorses that came before them.

The project, dubbed #TAKEMEANYWHERE, is a collaboration with Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner, with whom Shia's worked on previous performance art projects like #ALLMYMOVIES (in which he watched his entire filmography over the course of three days at the Angelika Film Center) and #IAMSORRY (during which he says he was raped). It's part of the MediaLive festival at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, whose theme this year is Corruption. "While the networks remain full of problematic hierarchies, at the same time there's this kind of egalitarian, utopian ideal of the internet that remains, and we want to perhaps try to preserve and accentuate that," Turner told Vice.

LaBeouf & Co., sans camera crew or outside help, are tweeting their GPS coordinates, and drivers are free to pick them up and take them anywhere they choose:

A Redditor says he and his friends picked Shia up and drove him to a brewery for lunch, and they've got the video to prove it:

If you happen to be in the state of Colorado and would like to make a beautiful video like this one, you can hunt for Shia's coordinates here. He will be in transit until June 23rd.