2005_12_projrunwaynick.jpgBless you, Project Runway, for proving that as skilled as the fashion design contestants are, they are still dumb as bricks. For last night's challenge, Heidi and Tim tantalized the group with the promise of designing for an "American style icon" and saying they would meet her in her house... the designers start thinking along the lines of Gwyneth Paltrow, but it's clear when they start walking towards Toys'R'Us that it's going to be Barbie. Yet they still are thinking it might be Sarah Jessica Parker or a celebrity who on par with Nancy O'Dell, who had a dressed designed for her during last season. Anyway, they had to design a dress for My Scene Barbie (aka "Slutty Ho/Bratz-like Barbie") that would actually be produced in a limited edition for the dolls. Anyway, it seemed like a fun challenge, because who doesn't like seeing grown men and women tote around Barbies, and there were some really great dresses. Gothamist conitnues to love that smug bastard Santino and the cool Chloe, but we adored Nick for making fun of Marla and her "wickedy-wack trim." And there is excellent potential in Andrae completely cracking.

What did you think of last night's episode? Read Tim Gunn's "blog" of each episode; his critique of Andrae's dress is "Andrae, it's not the Carousel du Louvre; it's Mattel!" And we have to give it up for Daniel Franco's model, Claudia. If we were a dithering - though talented - designer with terrible time management problems, we'd want her to be our model.