In February, FLAG Art Foundation will be presenting "Size DOES Matter," an exhibition showcasing the element of scale in contemporary art in February with the 7'1'' center for the Cleveland Cavaliers drafted to curate. Yes, Shaquille O'Neal has selected—and even commissioned some—52 pieces of art for the show.

FLAG director Stephanie Roach tells Bloomberg News that the foundation hopes to "attract a serious art-world audience, plus others who might not have considered art accessible" with the exhibit which will focus on the scale and magnitude of the presented works. Shaq, whose other artistic endeavors include acting, rapping, and Tweeting, says he's "pleased to be starting at the top" and will be in NYC to help install the show as well.

Writer James Frey, who is working on the essay for the show's catalog, say it won't be like any other "nice show at MoMA or the Met...Getting Shaq, one of the largest people in the world, to curate a show about scale is really fun. He does a lot of things that are unconventional for a guy of his stature." Indeed—his bio on the FLAG website points out, "Along with his NBA accomplishments, Shaq has written an autobiography, starred in his own television show, released a certified platinum album, received his B.S. from Louisiana State University, an M.B.A from University of Phoenix, and is working toward a Ph.D. in Human Relations."