The big-bucks creative director who took on design and photography for Shakira’s new album says the she wolf’s record label paid him only half of what he’s due. Now the designer has filed a lawsuit against Sony in Manhattan Supreme Court alleging he's owed $64,000.

Last spring Lee Swillingham—former creative director of “80s fashion Bible” The Face magazine—signed a contract with the label, but failed to read the fine print below. He was to earn $63,000 for his work on the Colombian singer’s beastly new effort—half of which Sony gave him up-front—plus $5,000 for every extra day of labor. But a clause specified that if Sony wasn’t pleased with the product, it wouldn’t pay. Now, that’s exactly what the record company is claiming, although it’s still using Swillingham’s images of the bodiced, bed-headed singer to sell the album. Sony did not reply to the NY Post’s request for a comment, but if this inequity continues Mayor Bloomberg may be forced to withdraw his support.