For better or worse it really does seem like we are living in a golden age of male objectification. Beyond the fact that you see almost as many topless boys on the teevee nowadays as you see girls in their skivvies, there are now enough sites dedicated to surreptitious hot guy on the street photography that people are getting sad when one gets more PR than the other. Boys, boys, boys. There are enough attractive male specimens out there for everybody to secretly/creepily photograph and post on the interwebs!

Last week we met which, based on a similar one dedicated to the men of London's Underground, is simple enough: It runs photos that readers send in of attractive guys they see on the subway. All of which made the blog Boy Culture blue. See, it has been running its own secret hot guy photos for years!

Okay, so Boy Culture's blogger isn't so much upset that others are getting press for running pictures of pretty boys ("I didn't invent street photography. I didn't even invent shooting hot men with an iPhone in public") as he is kicking himself for not turning the "Guydar" tag into a full-on site similar to Tap That Guy or the inescapable Guys With iPhones. And that's a reasonable point. Luckily, we'd like to point out, there is still time. There certainly seems to be interest in the subject out there and there is lots of supply. And while we're on the topic... we're sure there must be more sites out there doing this already. Share 'em in the comments.