Dear Friends,

I'm just writing to let you all know that my boyfriend, Oscar Isaac, is starring in an adaptation of Hamlet at The Public Theater this summer, and we are both just so excited about this.

Hamlet, as I'm sure you've heard, is a Shakespearean play about a Danish prince who is very sad after his father dies. Hamlet manages his depression by talking to a skull. He also **SPOILER ALERT** bangs Ophelia, calls her a slut, and kills her father, which is not very nice. My boyfriend, Oscar Isaac, is much nicer to me than Hamlet is to poor Ophelia, but he is an Actor, and I'm sure he will make a fine Sad Prince, as he is already Prince of my Heart.

My boyfriend, Oscar Isaac, is the star of both Hamlet and my personal love story, but Keegan-Michael Key is also in this play. He will portray Horatio, Hamlet's friend. He's cool. Sam Gold, who directed Fun Home, will direct Hamlet. He's also cool.

You can see my boyfriend, Oscar Isaac, play Hamlet in previews from June 20th to July 13th, and again from July 14th to September 3rd. Non-member tickets start at $95 and will be available starting March 30th.

We can't wait to share this incredible moment in our lives—me and my boyfriend, Oscar Isaac, who always lets me wear his jacket when it's gusty outside, he's so considerate—with all of you.


Future Mrs. Oscar Isaac