Gothamist finally has the Harry Potter book, so now we can turn our attention to Sex (and the City). Gothamist enjoyed last night's episode, "To Market, to market," but we were thrown by the appearance of little Tate(r). (Good plot twist, writers!) So we researched and in fact, the last Aidan episode did appear in was January 2002, so there was adequate time for a Tater in the oven and then Tater in a papoose.

Tom Shales finds this season of Sex wonderful: "Sex and the City" is just about everything one could want in a TV comedy. Maybe, after all this time, even a little bit more." The LA Times covers the premiere party (which Gothamist covered the other day) for its Left Coast readers. The NY Times on teenagers watching Sex and the City - as in how young is too young to learn about anal sex? And can you figure out which Sex and the City plotlines are fake and which are true? Well, clearly after last night's episode, (2) is true.