Not your grandma's bingo.

The Underground Rebel Bingo Club made it on to our exclusive list of the best places to get your bingo on in New York City, so we already knew it was special, and now it's coming back to Brooklyn this weekend and for a New Year's Eve blowout.

The troupe, which came from across the pond last year, has a cover story to keep their covert bingo operation under wraps; it is this: "The cover story is that we are attending a LOL CAT APPRECIATION SOCIETY. Dress like a hipster who spends all their day on Tumblr looking for new internet memes. However, we are actually there for Underground Rebel Bingo. Mischief will cause audible mayhem, there will be drinking and dancing and partying ALL NIGHT." They promise sex, drugs & bingo—and if you want in, you know what to do.