While Candace Bushnell gets a lot of play for having written the column that the TV show Sex and the City is based on, Gothamist argues that the charm and appeal are due to the efforts of the writers. One writer (and she's an executive producer as well) is Cindy Chupack who has just written a book of essays, The Between Boyfriends Book. She talks to the Post about it, "I wrote about the experiences I've had as a way of commiseration with women and hopefully helping them laugh about what we have to go through to find Mr. Right." While the book is filled with various dilemmas, Chupack, 38 and single, says, "I am currently operating under the hope that if you become the truest version of yourself - do things that make you happy, travel, make your life as good as it can be even without a guy in it - then the right guy will find you." Word up, sister friend.

The Post also gives some of the dating definitions that Chupack likes; Gothamist finds them all hilarious but thought these were extra funny (and appropriate?):

- Lone Rangered: To have a relationship end in a mysterious and annoying way, with no good-bye, no answers, just the vague feeling that you have no idea who that man was.
- Close-trophobia: A heightened state of anxiety and agitation occurring when a person who's been single for a prolonged period of time tries to let another person into his/her life and apartment.
- Cupidity: The faulty logic that leads a well-meaning but clueless third party to believe that two random singles are perfect for each other.

A recent episode Chupack wrote: Great Sexpectations, where Miranda was essentially dating her TiVo.