Season Six of Sex and the City; Photo: HBO

It had to end

this way. Carrie, back in NY, without the Russian, sort of with Big. While the first 15 minutes were slow and rather heavy, it was an overall satisfying episode. Most loose ends were tied up on positive, if not exactly happy, notes.

- The French bookstore employees saying they have "zee Sex!" There's something funny about the French taking pointers from Carrie Bradshaw.
- Even though Big has been looking literally big and bloated and acting like an idiot, his scramble up the stairs with Carrie and their subsequent fall reminded us that their relationship was fun and had more spark.
- Charlotte and Harry getting a Chinese baby (there's nothing more popular these days than a Chinese Jew - if this is how SATC is going to bring ethnicity to its cast, well, we'll take what we can get). And we did tear up a little.
- Miranda's not that surprising but still very touching willingness to care for Maaaa (TM - TWOP). We teared up when Magda called her on it, too.
- One last shot of Samantha's breasts.
- Carrie strutting down the street, wearing some combination of fur, lame, and heels that was a little George Clinton-esque, checking her sequin-covered cellphone to see that Big, apparently named "John," was calling.

Gothamist will miss these wacky New York ladies, but will take comfort in knowing our own batch.

The Daily News' David Bianculli gives the finale four stars. And the Times watches the finale with women who lured to NY by the show. You can buy seasons 1-5 from HBO.

SATC, Season One; Photo: HBO