While Dahlia Lithwick's examination of sex and how the fairer sex is using it on The Apprentice is interesting, it really shouldn't surprising that when the Donald wants publicity, he's going to use hot women, or conversely, that when hot women are involved with the Donald, it means people start paying attention. Sure, he has the competent Carolyn Kepcher, but she's only been trotted out to show Trump doesn't have a "dress like hookers" policy. He's got the Miss Universe pageant, he's dating a model, one of his early tabloid cover claims to fame was Marla Maples's proclamation "The Best Sex Ever," and he started a modeling agency. This falls in line with NBC's biggest comedy hit's strategy: Hot women, dopey men. An interesting examination of female workplace dynamics would be not who out-sexes whom but who out-material-objects whom. Of course, this would be held exclusively at fashion houses, fashion magazines, and other women's lifestyle companies.

When the Donald visited Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Conan said The Apprentice was filled with hot women. The Donald said, "Yes, most of the women are very attractive." Ha, the Donald had to qualify it. Means the old dog can still hunt.