If you think you have a quantifiable talent, The Universal Record Database is totally for you. Even if you don't have a talent, you can still come up with one for the URDB. Several individuals did that just last night at a gathering in Chinatown.

Records set during the evening included: most bananas stuffed down a pair of pants (while wearing them), fastest sorting (by color) of a bag of Skittles, most complaints in one minute, fastest spelling of 'pantyhose' with alphabet soup, most arm hair twisties (ew!), most "cracker people" drawn in one minute, most kisses in 10 seconds, most fish sandwiches seen in one minute, most mustaches drawn on JCrew catalog models in one minute, most air humps in one minute, and most of some tap dance move in one minute.

See, anyone can be a record holder as witnessed by the records on the URDB website where you can submit or challenge records.