1108meyers.jpgBarack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin and even Cindy McCain all appeared on Saturday Night Live during the campaign season...poor 'ol Joe Biden never got the invite though. Until now! Politico talked to the show's head writer, Seth Meyers, who told them: "Joe Biden is my biggest regret. I really wanted some quality Biden time. The door is still open, Joe." Meyers also added that on Tuesday night he "had an hour of goose bumps and then my natural cynicism kicked in. It’s not a great time to start being President." As for what happens to SNL now that the election is over (they got their highest ratings over the last month), there's good news and bad news -- Meyers says that viewers shouldn't expect any more Tina Fey cameos ("We all have to let her go back to her regular life now") but he pads the harsh reality by adding there will be "Lots and lots of MacGruber.”