Seth Meyers's writers and social media team has been hyping up his day drinking segment with Rihanna all week, and it did not disappoint. While Rihanna holds her own pretty well as the two run through a wide variety of ridiculous Rihanna-themed drinks (Under My Rumbrella, Bitch Better Have My Bunny and We Found Veuve In A Hostess Place), Meyers gets absolutely hammered almost immediately, and only gets more ridiculous and giggly as the segment goes on.

Highlights from the drunken and endearing segment include: Rihanna telling Meyers to blow his wife, Rihanna gives Seth a nickname (it's "Seth"), Meyers trying out absolutely terrible pick-up lines ("Are you the girl from Battleship?"), Rihanna thinking the title of Avatar was "Unicorn," and Meyers singing along to "Work" while Rihanna takes videos of him. Check it all out below.

And here's that blow moment preserved for history: