"The Trump administration has dealt with a series of internal and foreign crises, the national security adviser has resigned just 24 days into Trump's presidency, and defense officials from both parties are freaking out—how could things possibly get any crazier?" Seth Meyers asked last night before tackling the latest news that Trump campaign officials were in frequent contact with Russian officials before the election. "This administration is like a really intense haunted house, where every door you think is an exit is just a door to an even scarier room," Meyers continued. "How do I get out of this fucking place? I wet my pants three rooms ago!"

Watch below as Meyers dissects the ways in which the White House has turned into another episode of The Apprentice, and deconstructs Trump's assurances that he would "win so much you may even get tired of winning." As Meyers put it, "No one gets tired of winning. It's never happened. If anyone did, it would be DJ Khaled. All he does is win and he doesn't seem tired in the least."

Stephen Colbert kicked off The Late Show with the news that Andrew Puzder, "the suburban dentist you meet at the swingers party," had withdrawn his nomination from becoming Trump's labor secretary, then dove into all the latest Russian news: "We just learned from multiple intelligence sources that Trump aides were 'in constant touch' with senior Russian officials during the campaign," he said. "'Constant Touch' by the way is also Trump's Secret Service code name."

Colbert also had a Usual Suspects parody about Trump's collusion with Russia.