1108meyers.jpgSNL Head Writer and Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers told the LGBT-related magazine The Advocate that he "stands behind everything that happened" on last Saturday's show that has many critics crying foul over its reliance of gay jokes in almost every sketch of the night. Meyers takes the "I have plenty of black friends" defense by pointing out that there are gay writers on the show and that SNL is "on the right side of the issue." He also compared the abundance of gay-related sketches to come out of a week involving a lot of Prop 8-related discussion to this week's show where "we are having the same issue this week with Thanksgiving." The blog Defamer has been the harshest in its criticisms of the episode calling it "a gay minstrel show" and equating a sketch with two closeted mechanics to "a Yes on 8 ad." Meyers said that he generally avoids the blogosphere but that, "People on our 'side' take it far more personally when they feel offended because they feel like it is a betrayal."