Late night TV hosts have been doing their best to continue producing segments while their shows are all on hold because of coronavirus—Stephen Colbert has recorded monologues in his bathtub and fire pit, Jimmy Kimmel has done so in his nondescript home office, Samantha Bee from a cabin in the woods, and so on. Seth Meyers, whose show was on break last week, is the latest host to join in, recording live from his hallway: “It may be weird that I’m doing it from a hallway, but at least I’m not doing it from a public beach,” Meyers said at the top of his new "A Closer Look" segment.

Meyers focused a lot on Trump's promises earlier this year that the virus was under control, and how very out of control it is now, with people now trapped in a combination of a “staycation and a Saw movie.”

Most of all, he doesn't want people to forget that Trump's inaction and misinformation helped lead to the catastrophe we're now facing: “That’s just a reminder that Donald Trump never passes up an opportunity to remind us that he is an awful person,” Meyers said. “Even in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s almost like he’s afraid we’ll forget. Like he’s worried that if he’s too focused on solving the crisis people won’t remember he’s also the same asshole who once tweeted, ‘I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke.'”

He also brought up people crowding into parks and public spaces around NYC, and Gov. Andrew Cuomo's entreaties this weekend for people to stay inside: “Seriously, I would watch an entire after-school special with an undercover Andrew Cuomo posing as a teen skateboarder, trying to bust kids for hanging out in the park.”

Watch the full segment below.

Even though his show is supposed to be on break this week, Stephen Colbert still posted a video from his garage with a new segment: "Trying to remember things that you knew how to do when you were younger and now have time for because you're stuck at home."

Jimmy Fallon continued his home editions of The Tonight Show by video interviewing Trevor Noah and DJ D-Nice, the most popular man on Instagram right now. And it seems Noah is handling everything better than more: "I don't like being inside. I love being inside," he said. "I live inside. That's me. So like my life hasn't changed other than the stress of the world, because I feel for what's happening. I'm worried about what's gonna happen in the world for people economically."

Jimmy Kimmel turned his ire toward "stupid people" who aren't listening to experts, public officials and scientists: "Why is it that when there's no quarantine we all stay at home staring at our screens, but now we're on lockdown and people are like, 'Let's get out and have a picnic!'" Kimmel said.

And Conan O'Brien, whose short clips during coronavirus have been progressively more unhinged and hilarious, had a hard hitting piece on an empty street.