Hey everyone, remember how we were promised a bitchin' Total Eclipse of the Blood Moon in April, but were left with nothing but sad wispy clouds and Diplo's presumably fake Instagrams? Well, you've got another shot at sheer disappointment: the Blood Moon returns early tomorrow morning. Set you alarm for 6 a.m. and draft your enraged tweets now, Hive Mind.

According to NASA moon experts, Earth's second total lunar eclipse of the year will be most visible before dawn tomorrow morning. NASA has some cool graphics [pdf] outlining exactly what will happen tomorrow, as does Sky & Telescope—mostly what you need to know is that the eclipse will be most visible after 4 a.m. EDT tomorrow and will continue through sunrise.

Oh, but there's more: Business Insider reports that tomorrow's eclipse is an "impossible" one, since it will occur at the same time as the sun rises and moon sets. This phenomenon is called a "horizontal" or "selenelion" eclipse, and it is exceedingly rare. East Coasters will be able to catch this otherworldly magic shortly before dawn. Note that sunrise is at about 6:59 a.m. tomorrow.

Of course, there's bad news—it looks like the 6 a.m. to 7 a.m. hour will be partly cloudy and preceded by scattered thunderstorms. But if bad weather and/or an accidental alarm malfunction prevent you from seeing anything tomorrow, fear not: Earth will be treated to another total eclipse in April.