2006_03_flight93.jpgThe fifth annual Tribeca Film Festival will open on a somber note, with the first movie about September 11, Flight 93, as the opening night selection. The movie is about the flight from Newark that was hijacked with intentions to crash it into DC, but passengers overtook the terrorists and forced the plane to crash in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania instead. It's a little eerie to imagine seeing this film during an event created to boost the downtown economy after September 11, but that will probably make it more poignant and powerful (we have faith in director Paul Greengrass, who did an amazing job with Bloody Sunday about a clash between the Irish and British in 1972). Gothamist hopes there will be a panel or two about the film during the festival as well - it would be fascinating to hear what the films' cast and crew as well as festival organizers think about it.

The Flight 93 memorial fund is taking donations. And the Oliver Stone-directed September 11 movie, World Trade Center, which stars Nicolas Cage, will open during this summer.