Adam Buckman of the Post has seen the Buffy finale and say it's awesome. But Gothamist did not realize there was talk of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer cartoon - Joss Whedon wanted it to be on par with "Animaniacs or Batman: The Animated Series." [ Read more in The Hollywood Reporter interview with Joss.]

Pacey, Jen, Dawson, and JoeyBut, to recap the Dawson's Creek series finale:
- Dawson is a TV writer who has created a show - "The Creek"
- Joey is a book editor in New York
- Jen is a gallery owner and single mom in SoHo - and she still lives with Grams
- Pacey owns the Ice House
- Jack teaches at Capeside High and is in a relationship with a closet case

They all meet back at Capeside for Dawson's mom's wedding, where it's revealed Jen has a heart condition, paving the way for Jen to give Jack and his boyfriend, Doug (yes! Pacey's older brother!), custody of her kid. Also, Joey chooses to be with Pacey, even though Dawson is her "soulmate." Thank God. Jake, who didn't see the finale but wanted to know what happened, thought that was crazy, Joey not picking Dawson, but as I told him, "Who wants to live life with a cereal box head?"

See the trailer at The WB. Or take the personality test to see if you're more like Joey, Pacey, Jen or Dawson. God help me, I'm like Joey Potter.