Sure, the gossip pages are in overdrive about Kate Middleton's sister Pippa "The Butt" Middleton being in town and being seen with hotelier Andre Balazs, but that's kind of boring compared to the va-va-va-voom burlesque of her second cousin (once removed). Katrina Darling was at Demi Monde last night, momentarily dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

The event was to celebrate the 22-year-old's Playboy cover. While the magazine calls her a "Royal Beauty," the Daily Mail explains that Darling and Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, "are second cousins, once removed, with Miss Darling’s grandmother being sister to the duchess’s great grandfather Thomas Harrison. Miss Darling, who has never made any attempt to contact the Middletons, insisted that she had been a burlesque dancer for years and the recent success and attention is just a happy coincidence."

Here's video of her striptease last night (dancing to "American Woman") and below is video of her "God Save The Queen" routine:

Prince Harry approves!