What happens when Richard Serra doesn't sell a piece of art? It goes to Greenpoint, apparently. His current exhibit at the MoMA took a lot of manpower to set up, yet when Restless blog ran into one of his giant slabs of metal this weekend, there were only five workers moving it.

I walked across the backside of Greenpoint to the subway this morning. I look under a new roll-up door and guess what?

A Richard Serra slab of heavy metal is sitting there, with 5 workers taking a breather to the side. I asked the foreman if it was OK to take a picture, and did. He said the object was from Gagosian on 24th, and was unsold. I offered to haul it away for free, but no luck. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that Greenpoint is back room to Chelsea's mega-spaces.

See some Serra at the MoMA (until September 10th), or just start rolling up doors in Greenpoint.