The Gates have finished their popular run in Central Park, delighting visitors from around the world as well as around the corner. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, whose roof was open to the public to see The Gates, was reportedly overwhelmed with visitors (even more so than the holidays!) and there was spillover into other museums and neighborhoods in the city, leading vendors and store owners, whose businesses were up anywhere from 50-100%, to regret the closing. The NY Times spoke to artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude about the end of the exhibit: They seem very ready. Gothamist is glad that The Gates came to Central Park, delighting some, challenging others, because the exhibit was successful in making people rethink their relationships with the park, what art was, or let them go to town with their cameras. What did you think?

Other news from the weekend around the exhibit: Some teens from NJ (Jersey!) put their initials on a few of The Gates with marker. The police charged them with criminal mischief; the marker wiped right off. And an Emergency Services Van got stuck through a gate. Man, covering The Gates is like a smalltown police blotter! Plus, there was this amusing piece about Bill Gates changing his name to "The Gates."

Photo of The Gates near Tavern on the Green from eats dirt on Flickr