Recently, professional fun-haver Casey Neistat—a.k.a. a real life Poochie who occasionally snowboards through NYC and makes his living doing extreme vlogging—got a free upgrade from Business to First Class on an Emirates flight from Dubai to NYC. He got to experience something most of us will never do in our lifetimes: travel 14 hours in extreme luxury. A ticket might cost $21,635.30, but an envy-provoking hate-watch is priceless.

Sure, there are gourmet snacks and writing kits, as well as various amenities including slippers, pajamas, face creams, automated window shades, and enormous touch screen TVs. But the real standouts: a motorized beverage cart, a caviar-rich menu, access to a luxurious shower (five minutes of running water per person, it seems), flight attendants who insist on making the bed for you, and best of all, your own private room with closing doors ("It's like my own little house over here"), which means nobody is there judging you for not taking your sunglasses off for the entire trip (even when you shower or sleep).

"It really does change your relationship with travel," Neistat says understatedly. "When I think of the greatest days in my entire life, I think of when my children were born, or perhaps when my son graduated high school, or today, when I was upgraded from Business to First on Emirates." Neistat says he was not hired or paid by Emirates for the video, so we can all feel good about enjoying this totally not sponsored free advertising celebrating luxury carbon emissions in the midst of what will likely be our warmest year on record yaaaay.

And in case you were wondering, here's how miserable the plebs over in Business Class have it:

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