At this point, you probably feel like you've seen every possible iteration and variation of the iconic New York City subway map, from concentric to judgmental, from unaffordable to Super Mario. But NYers are a creative bunch, and one person has come up with a pretty neat way of visualizing the subway lines, by juxtaposing them against a God's-eye photographic view of the city.

Map enthusiast Anorrian posted the two photos above to Tumblr, overlaying the color-differentiated underground lines on top of some aerial photos of the city taken by Dennis Dimick & Nelly Matray. As 6sqft points out, in addition to the subway we all know and love, you can also see parts of the PATH and NJ Transit Lines, the 7 line extension, the first phase of the Second Avenue subway and the East Side Access.

[h/t Curbed]