This past weekend, Animal Magazine had a show of various artists work at the Chelsea Market. One work, a portrist of President Bush using monkeys, caused the Chelsea Market's manager to freak out and forced the show to close. Of course there is debate about free speech, references to Mayor Giuliani's reaction to Chris Ofili's Virgin Mary embellished (quite beautifully, in Gothamist's opinion) with


elephant dung at the 1999 BMA Sensation show, etc., but you can see Chris Savido's painting at the Animal Gallery, at 437 East 9th Street.

Not quite the same, but along similar lines: Illegal Art, where you can find illegal DVD-R's of Superstar, Todd Haynes's movie about Karen Carpenter. Meccapixel has some monkey photos (marmoset, colobus) and Gothamist likes us some monkeys.