In October The Smashing Pumpkins had to postpone their Barclays Center show after Hurricane Sandy rocked New York City around the same exact time they were set to. The show was just rescheduled for this Monday the 10th, and they've announced special $25 tickets are now available—a portion of those tickets will go to the Brooklyn Recovery Fund to contribute to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

This Monday's show will include two sets: for the first half of the show the Pumpkins will play their new album Oceania in full, and for the second set they'll dip into the classics and deep cuts. We're also told the band will be "backed by visuals prepared by Sean Evans, whose most recent project was assisting Roger Waters on the newest staging of The Wall." When we talked to Billy Corgan in September, he told us this will be their first time playing Brooklyn, and discussed why they went with Barclays over MSG:

"I think the thing I heard was there's an attraction to a new building, that it would be good for a variety of reasons. The thing at MSG always is that it's really expensive to play there. They make you pay to play there. I'm not saying you can't make your money but playing MSG versus playing the United Center in Chicago, the costs are significantly higher in New York. And let me tell you, if you want to film anything there, psh. You've gotta pay some crazy fee in order to say 'Live From Madison Square Garden.' Then there's the whole union thing where you can't touch your amp. I got yelled at once for trying to move a speaker cabinet an inch. A man bellowed out of the wings, 'DON'T TOUCH THAT!' I'm looking around like, "Don't touch my own amp?" Legendary stories from there."

He also told us "sentimentality is death"... and despite that, we're going to leave you with this: