Christina Mazzalupo
Uber-Aware (2000)
12" x 12" acrylic and pencil on wood

(The words say: "There are so many things that are not beautiful here and it's sometimes hard to handle.")

Incase you forgot...Gothamist loves art. Sometimes we don't "get it"...but we know what we like when we see it. So checking out Mixed Greens (and we admit it, sometimes eBay) for fairly inexpensive pieces has become a fixation as of late.

Each week we'll post a favorite piece, or a least favorite, or one that confuses us or effects us in some way. Because that's what art is all about, no? Seeing it, absorbing it, letting it effect you, discussing it. (Oh, and then buying it!) Art is for the masses, but it becomes a highly personal thing...whether you are the artist or the onlooker.

So view, then discuss. We'd like to see how different images effect the individual.

The above is by Christina Mazzalupo, you can read more about her here, here & you'll find her tshirt designs here