Julie Brown broke the Jeffrey Epstein story—such a perfect exposé of rot and perversion of justice that she’s being given a Polk Award for it today in Manhattan. While she’s in town, she’s joining Alec Baldwin on Monday, April 8, for a conversation about Epstein, his victims, his accomplices, and her own pursuit of the truth. Want to listen in? Tickets here.

Brown conceived, reported, and wrote the most explosive criminal justice story in recent memory: how the Justice Department, led by a prosecutor who is now Trump’s Secretary of Labor, shut down a vast rape and child-trafficking investigation into politically-connected billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

How does a reporter starting from zero dig up victims and documents and law enforcement insiders to tell a story that many powerful people want to keep secret? The conversation between Baldwin and Brown will be a live taping of Baldwin’s WNYC podcast, Here’s the Thing, which focuses not just on guests’ work but their lives as well, and Brown’s life is fascinating. Raised by a single mother in East Philadelphia, she says that after leaving home at 16, she was one step away from homelessness.

The event is at the Greene Space in SoHo (44 Charlton St.), at 7:00 Monday night. Tickets are on sale now.