Stephen Colbert has full confidence in the legislators who are trying to pass the new Obamacare Lite bill (a.k.a. Trumpcare), and doesn't understand why you don't feel confident: "So, if you're worried about losing your healthcare, do not worry. It's safely in the hands of the guy Googling, 'why don't we tax the sun?'"

But if Republicans really hate the new healthcare bill so much, Trump at least has a rock solid backup plan: let Obamacare fail and blame the Democrats. "Okay, hold on there, chief," Colbert said. "You're in charge now. If you let health care collapse, I don't think we'll blame the Democrats, we will blame you. That's like a firefighter letting a house burn down to make the space heater look bad."

As for the controversy over what to call the bill, he noted that the White House has asked people not to call it Trumpcare, because apparently anything with the suffix -care will be viewed unfavorably by conservatives. "That's important, because conservatives don't want to be associated with caring," Colbert said. "Or, maybe Trump doesn't want to attach his name to something that no one likes...although that has never stopped him before."

As for how Trump might ultimately win conservatives over, Colbert added, "He has invited them to strike a deal over a few frames at the White House bowling alley. Yeah, Trump wants to be there as the Republicans throw their balls away."

And over on The Daily Show, Trevor Noah and Jordan Klepper sang a little ditty for Trump's "forgotten man."