What do Pizza Rat, Escalator Rat, Pita Rat, Donut Rat, Murder Rat, and even that young upstart Pizza Rag all have in common? They are all locked in a brutal struggle for survival amidst the grim meathook realities of late period capitalism, a pyramid scheme on a global scale that forces less privileged members of the same species to fight each other for crumbs as an express train of "progress" runs them over.

This struggle has never been more clearly articulated by rats who were caught on camera by a bored human waiting for their train than in the video below, in which two rats turn on each other for the meager scraps of an indifferent god who was probably running late for work and couldn't bother finding a garbage can. It's sad because rats are usually so cooperative, and because those subway churros are really not worth fighting over.

It's just like a great poet once said: "Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat locked in an eternal struggle with the systems that seek to strip me of my humanity."