Over the years, Henry Rollins has gone from full-throttle lead singer of Black Flag to a sort of punk professor emeritus, who now spends most of his time traveling the world to perform his unique brand of "talking show." Fellow alterna-rock elder statesman Thurston Moore, who's kept a steady gig with Sonic Youth for, oh, about 30 years now, has had his fair share of world travels himself, so it's only natural that the two are pairing up for a special reading this week at Soho indie bookstore McNally Jackson.

The two are sitting down together on October 14th to discuss the release of Rollins's new book Occupants, a compilation of politically-charged essays and photographs Rollins has taken in conflict-ridden countries around the world. Rollins and Moore briefly toured together with Dinosaur Jr. over the summer, so expect the chat to be both conversational and controversial. To attend the discussion, pre-order a copy of the book here.