Sundance favorite The Wolfpack, a documentary about six brothers and a sister who barely left their East Village apartment (where they were homeschooled and raised on a diet of films by Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorsese), is finally being released this weekend. This Thursday you can see and hear the Angulo brothers, as well as filmmaker Crystal Moselle, in person at a Film Society Lincoln Center screening.

The film has been met with considerable praise—New York magazine's David Edelstein writes, "This is the rare 'profile' documentary that is also a transcendent work of art. It raises questions we’ll be trying to answer for as long as there is art."

The Angulos and Moselle have been making the rounds and talking about their unusual and unexpected meeting: From the NY Times:

Five years ago, Ms. Moselle, a burgeoning filmmaker — this is her first feature — spotted the six brothers, then ages 11 to 18, wandering the streets of the East Village.

Ponytailed and striking, with noble features and soft brown eyes, the boys looked like otherworldly iterations of one another. Puzzled at having never seen them before in her neighborhood, Ms. Moselle asked if they were brothers. Shyly, they replied that they were, adding, Ms. Moselle recalled, “We’re not supposed to talk to strangers.” But curiosity overcame them after they learned that Ms. Moselle was involved in a medium they were besotted with: film.

Over the next few months, Ms. Moselle befriended the boys and began filming them as they partook in a cherished pastime: painstakingly re-enacting scenes from their favorite movies, like “Reservoir Dogs” and “The Dark Knight.” She found their creativity astounding: They used construction paper, cereal boxes, all manner of tape, paint and even yoga mats to create elaborate costumes and sets. They also were not remotely jaded: “They had this openness about them that you don’t see every day in New York,” Ms. Moselle, 34, said.

Yes, this Batman suit is made from yoga mats:

The Post has details on what the brothers are up to now, but if you have some questions of your own, the Thursday, June 11th, 7 p.m. screening of The Wolfpack at the Film Society also has a Q&A. (There's another Q&A on June 13th at 3:00 p.m.)