We caught a commercial for Secrets of New York on Channel 25 last night and were intrigued by what the show has to offer. While the host looks like an extra from The Matrix, the subject matter is interesting. Exploring what lies beneath our feet and within our walls (there are probably way more Molly the cats than we even want to think about), New York’s oldest bridge, what secrets are buried in the oldest cemetery, stories behind the skyscrapers and the history of the city's slammers. Not to mention hidden treasures! Land pirates get ready to do some searching. This one episode summary sort of freaks us out though:

Paranormal New York: Enigmatic and Unexplainable Mysteries Venture into Gotham’s scary paranormal history to uncover haunted secrets, eerie phenomena and other thought provoking mysteries unexplained by science. Investigate the legends surrounding some of New York City’s most chilling anomalies and oddities.

Get some new views of the city...the show airs on channel 25 Tuesdays at 8pm, Wednesdays at 10:30pm, Saturdays at 9pm. You can watch the commerical here.