Writer Jed Lipinski, who infiltrated the secret Brooklyn climbing gym and then wrote about it on the NY Times' Local blog, is allegedly the most hated man in the borough now. To recap, there's a secret climbing gym in Brooklyn that probably not that many people actually care about, but The Local hyped it up and then promptly took the story down, and then everyone else wrote about it and about how the Times unpublished the secret, and now the gym is closed! Or so they want us to believe. Animal reports that "the 'bizarre hybrid of subterranean climbing gym and hippie speakeasy' has been shut down. An ex-climber from the once covert space confirms, via email, that 'the gym was closed due to this story. It is uncertain when or if it will ever be open again' making Jed Lipinski the most hated man in Brooklyn." People are calling him “the world's greatest douchbag," and saying he "betrayed a trust." You'll never climb in this town again Lipinski!