Recently Gothamist saw a little ad hidden away giving a web address and hinting toward free secret shows. This ad being in a print publication we were unable to click on it and thus had to remember the URL until we were sitting in front of a computer. We remembered, because we are poor and like music.

So we checked it out and it's all part of some elaborate ad campaign. Basically, New Yorkers can click here and sign up to be notified by text or email about the secret last minute show in our city. However, we already know who it is and the general time the show will take place. Since we never were very good at the whole secret keeping thing, we'll tell's The Roots and they'll play sometime this week. Gothamist is just happy our city didn't get stuck with Yellowcard.

Hopefully you all got your tickets to the upcoming "secret" Scissor Sisters residencey at Mercury Lounge. Sorry, but we actually had to keep that secret.