One of our favorite things about this city is it's ability to surprise us every day. This weekend the Arcade Fire played an impromptu acoustic set outside of the N R stop in Union Square. Luckily a few appreciative fans caught it...

2005_11_arts arcade.jpg

We’re walking up the stairs from the N,R at Union Square, bout 2a.m. Sat night. Couple street musicians are banging out some tune when we get up to the park.

Holy fucking shit.

It’s Arcade Fire.

Covering New Order. Win and Will on guitars. Regine on guitar-case-as-percussion. Why the fuck not? It’s a nice night in New York, why not blow the dozen wanderers’ minds who’ve magically stumbled upon this scene?

Cover a couple more, then wrap it up with Tunnels.

Holy fucking shit.

New York is magic.

Here's a video of them playing Boys Don't Cry. Did anyone else stumble upon this show Saturday night?

[via Let's Do This]