Gothamist has been very excited for the premiere of Da Ali G Show's second season, because there is nothing like seeing bigwigs talking to an idiot - someone pretending very ably to be an idiot at that. But it was the NY Times' Virginia Heffernan's interview with Sacha Baron Cohen, the startlingly normal looking guy behind Ali G, Borat, and Bruno, that put Gothamist over the edge. Cohen describes some notable people's rapping style:

And there's some good raps this time. From [Pat] Buchanan, and we've got quite a good one from Christine Todd Whitman: "Oh shorty, it's your Earth Day. We're going to party like it's your Earth Day." And you should check out Gore Vidal as well. He becomes quite Irish in his rap.

We'll never be able to think about Christie Todd the same way ever again.

The Post's Linda Stasi says, the show is "Brilliant, original, horrifying, cringe-making, hilarious." You can see Da Ali G show on Sunday at 10:30PM on HBO, after the Marky-Mark produced Entourage (which has been getting great reviews) at 10PM. [Of course, there's Six Feet Under at 9PM; if you're been missing out, read Gothamist Arts & Events' recaps.] To catch up, watch some video from the first season and check out Da Ali G glossary.