Everyone's gotta just calm down, have some SoCo and lime, and learn to embrace the reality television party that is Jersey Shore — especially the people who actually live there (we're looking at you, Jersey Shore protesters).

1010Wins says that Seaside Heights, where the cast members lived this past summer, is now trying to distance itself from the show; in a statement Monday, the town said they "did not solicit, promote or participate in the filming." They did, however, issue a permit for filming... so there's definitely some blood hair gel on their hands.

The town is insisting that "the show doesn't reflect the majority of its visitors." Got that everyone? MTV totally bussed in all those people you see in the background of the show every week. They aren't real life, so don't expect to see any fist-pumping should you ever visit the destination spot.

Don't worry Seaside Heights, J-WOWW is lobbying for the next season to be in the Hamptons.