Astrological Sign.

Bad habit/Day job.
Owner of MurphGuide Entertainment, a nightlife marketing company.

Where are you from and where do you live now?
Born in the Bronx, grew up in Babylon, L.I. I have lived in Bronx, Queens and for the past 12 years, Manhattan.

One for You.
Since MurphGuide is a site dedicated to listing the best
bars and happy hours in New York, tell us what are the elements of a good local bar?

Since NYC living quarters are often very small, your local is an extension of your apartment. A good local bar is where strangers become friends, regulars become family, and where the bartenders and owners treat you like you just walked into their living room. Some of my favorites include: Puck Fair, Marty O'Briens and The Banshee Pub.

Other than world peace, what do you want for Christmas?
A laptop. That way, I can visit my parents more often and still run my business. It's not even like my parents are far away or anything. But when things are busy, it's tough to leave the city. That world peace thing would be really cool, though,wouldn't it?

If you could have a New York City neighborhood renamed
after you which one would it be?

It's not really a neighborhood, but if the city ever decided to name something after me, I would like to have a softball field in Central Park in my name.

Where is the best place in the city for semi-public sex?
The vagina.

Have you been naughty or nice?
I try to be nice, and as Kramer would say, "I like to help
the humans." However, to quote Springsteen, "It's hard to be a saint in the city."

What is the most unusual pitch you've heard from a

A guy once asked me for food, and I said, "I'm going to McDonald's, you can come with me and have whatever you want." Unexpectedly, he accepted, and we sat down for a late-night chow down. He told me he has family in the area, but he didn't want to ask his father for help because he didn't want to prove him right.

What's the most outrageous thing you have smuggled into a
bar or movie theatre?

There was a bar with a picture of a woman playing a harp, and my friend and I taped a picture of Harpo Marx's head over the woman's head. But we had to wait until the bartender wasn't looking to slap it up there. We ended staying almost until closing time before we got the chance. The next night, the bartender told us he knew we were up to something, but he couldn't figure out what it was. We showed him and he got a good laugh.

Which is better to use to cope with holiday stress, Vicodin or Vodka?
I would recommend drinks over drugs. Get together with a friend or two, go to a bar with a fireplace and have your vodka,or whatever you like. You shouldn't stress out over the holidays,anyway. They are supposed to be fun.

You've been asked to host a holiday party and the only
requirement is that you must invite three New York celebrities (alive), who would you extend an invite to?

The three guys from Blue Man Group.

If you could revoke a famous New Yorker's citizenship,
who would it be?

James Dolan, owner of MSG, Knicks, Rangers, Cablevision, etc. He may not be entirely to blame, but he is the scapegoat for the simultaneous decline of the Knicks & Rangers.