2006_11_health_hotdoc.jpgGoing to see your doctor because you've got a fever is one thing, but what if your MD is getting you hot in a different way? A Miami-based physician writes in the Times today about how docs nowadays are dressing more and more inappropriately. This includes everything from "a bit of midriff here, a plunging neckline there" to (gasp!) open-toed sandals. And before you go and conclude that this is just the scourge of modern day Gomorrahs like Miami, the good doctor shares that his colleagues in fratty Hanover, New Hampshire are suffering from the same plague. And it's not just the ladies that are bringing unprofessionalism to the wards by sexing it up, it seems that overworked gents are also not finding time to shave their scraggly faces before rounds.

The essay cites an article from The American Journal of Medicine last year which showed that patients prefer their doctors to be well-groomed and well-attired. No word on whether they cared if they were adequate healers.

Do you even notice what your doctors are wearing?