101708scientology.jpgAs expected, Scientology protesters turned out last night to demonstrate at the red carpet opening of Arthur Miller's tragedy All My Sons, which, you'll recall, features Katie Holmes, Scientological wife of big shot Operating Thetan Level VII Tom Cruise. The Risky Business star wasn't in the audience last night (he caught an earlier preview), but other boldface attendees included Patricia Clarkson, Barbara Walters, and Isabella Rossellini. One of the protesters told WPIX, "Our main focus right now is getting Katie out of Scientology. There's been news going around the tabloids saying she would like to get out." As for her Broadway debut, Big Ben Brantley at the Times says she "delivers most of her lines with meaningful asperity, italicizing every word...and I didn’t believe for a second that she really loved the honorable, naïve Chris." [Photo cred.]