If you're a student of patterns like American treasure Will Smith, then you already know that the forum of media that we're in can't really handle the complexity of things that we say all the time. It's just a fact! But here's another fact: After Earth was an utter bomb at the box office. Thankfully, a group of Smith sympathizers are doing their darndest to cheer him up.

The group of Scientology enthusiasts (or, more precisely, parodists) have posted the above signs around midtown. And they set up an elaborate website, CheerUpWillSmith.com, which includes video testimonials showing support of Smith and the much-maligned film. Is the whole thing a plot by Matt Zoller Seitz to encourage people to see the film? It is just an anti-Scientology mockery exploiting a movie that has been called a love letter to Scientology?

Either way, Will Smith doesn't need your help cheering up. This is why he keeps Alfonso Ribeiro on speed-dial!