Kill your television... before it kills you! A new study shows that "every hour of TV that participants watched after age 25 was associated with a 22-minute reduction in their life expectancy."

This comes from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, who had 11,000 participants older than 25 years old participate in their study, and found that people who watched an average of six hours a day lived an about 4.8 years fewer than those who didn't watch any television. This is mostly due to the sedentary nature of TV watching. TIME notes that this suggests watching, say, Jersey Shore can be just as detrimental to longevity as smoking.

"Previous research has shown that smoking is associated with a four-year reduction in life expectancy after the age of 50. That works out to an average 11 minutes of life lost for every cigarette smoked — the equivalent to 30 minutes of TV time, according to the current study."

And if you are sitting down while watching the TV... well, you're probably dead right now.