It's now been 34 years since John Lennon's murder outside of the Dakota, where his widow Yoko Ono still resides. There have been movies, documentaries, tributes, and countless gatherings around the Imagine mosaic in Central Park, where fans have once again flocked to today.

Click through for a look at the area in the days following his death, and below are some newscasts from that week, including footage of Paul McCartney. McCartney recently talked about Lennon's death, saying, "I was at home and I got a phone call. It was early in the morning... It was just so horrific, you couldn’t take it in and I couldn’t take it in. For me, it was just so sad that I wasn’t going to see him again and we weren’t going to hang. I just for days couldn’t think that he was gone. It was just a huge shock. It would have been the worst thing in the world to have this great relationship that then soured and he gets killed, so there was some solace in the fact that we got back together. We were good friends."